TL-ST 不锈钢液位传感器

TL-ST  不锈钢液位传感器


品牌︰Vass Asia sensormatic

原产地︰台湾 中国






产品规格︰ Length Measurement: Sending Unit length should be a minimum of 5cm less than the plastic tank depth、and 5 cm less than the metal tank depth. Note: If metal tank surface flexes、deduct 5 cm from the depth. (like plastic tank)

Lengths Available: 10 cm through 200 cm with 2.5 increments. Sensor unit lengths、are measured from the top of the threads to probe tip.

Material: 316 Type Stainless Steel and operate on a vertical plane (no float arm).

Mounting Method: 1.5" NPT.1.5 ” NPT, American pipe thread, male,240 – 30 ohm operation

Special Application Senders: For Dual Station、Special ohms ranges (other than 240-30 ohms)、Calibrated、Custom、Adjusted、or Special application units、contact us at by one of the means listed above.

最小订购量︰ 50 pcs

产品交期︰ 现货供应